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Sandblasting Services

Make your hard surface cleaning process quick and hassle-free with our advanced sandblasting technique at Les Enterprises Donat Arsenault Inc.! Our environmentally-friendly cleaning process can easily remove dirt, rust, residue and other contaminants from your hard surfaces and can bring a polished sheen to your fabrication project.
Whether you need to clean structures, tanks, farm machinery and equipment, or small precision parts and hard-to-reach areas, sandblasting is the perfect cleaning solution for you! It also makes your hard surfaces ready for various preparations such as painting, bonding or other coating operations.

Excavation Services

From foundation excavation for constructions and additions to trenching work for water, gas, and hydro services, Les Enterprises Donat Arsenault Inc. has the equipment and experience to finish every project with perfection. We specialize in providing diverse excavation services in confined, hard-to-reach residential areas as well as for expansive commercial sites.

Thanks to our modern fleet of high-performance machinery and equipment, we perform every job with high precision and attention to detail. We deliver extraordinary results that are sure to exceed our customers’ expectations every time!

Sand and Gravel Supplies

Les Enterprises Donat Arsenault Inc. has all your commercial or residential projects covered with top-notch sand and gravel materials. From roads to landscapes to manufacturing needs, we provide a full-line of aggregate materials for projects of any scope and size! All our products conform to state and local regulations and are quality-tested to ensure reliability and consistency across all types of aggregates we supply.

We offer sandpit, beach sand, bedding sand, cobbles, driveway gravel, pit-run gravel, playground sand, road gravel, washed rock, washed sand, aggregates, and crushed gravel. What’s more, we also support all our customers with industry expertise and fast product deliveries in Mandeville and beyond!

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